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Sharing something of significance

Create a legacy that passes on so much more than money.

Everyone leaves behind a unique legacy. For some, it’s meaningful to pass down something tangible – an item or heirloom. For other people, contributing to a cause that’s close to their heart is what matters most. Regardless of your priorities, sharing your life’s passions with your loved ones is one of the finest ways to create a legacy that lives on.

With a little bit of thought and planning, you can embed your life’s passions and interests into a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

Igniting that spark of connection

Our lives are complex and multilayered. Connect the dots with those you cherish by sharing the many aspects that make up you – your professional life, creative side, civic contributions, values and family history.

Passing on a meaningful legacy improves your family ties across generations. Your children and grandchildren undoubtedly want to feel a spark of connection with you and your life experiences, so take the opportunity today to share your interests with those close to you. In telling the story behind your passions, you can leave a true sense of yourself that allows your family to better value and understand you.

Your legacy starts today

Imparting your passions requires some thought and planning. But, starting today, you can leave your mark.

Your passions may run the gamut – doubles tennis, skiing, fine art, jewelry collecting, repairing antique cars and so on. Involve your family in the daily activities, the quiet moments where you explain how a tool works or why you enjoy a hard-fought match even if you don’t win. Consistently sharing your pastimes with your family can positively influence how they think about you. Your loved ones will come to appreciate your pursuits as they experience your excitement and passion. This may even leave them with a lasting desire to follow in your footsteps.

Talking about what matters to you most likely comes naturally because it’s incorporated into your everyday life. Continue telling people about the things that bring you true fulfillment, but also consider writing about them and why they’re important to you. A memoir or written record can be kept, stored and passed down through the generations.

To pass down your interests in a way that celebrates your life, it will take thoughtfulness, creativity and organization. The investment will be worth it to ensure your legacy is so much more than the things you’ll leave behind. You have the power to leave people with warm memories and a glimpse into your life’s true spirit. .

Next steps

  • Share your passions, interests and stories with those closest to you.
  • Consider the most important parts of your legacy and who you’d like to share them with.
  • Speak with your financial advisor about how to gift assets that align with your legacy.

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